Care Management

Care Management

A care manager is a health and human services professional who assists in overall management of health and wellness. A care manager assess the current situation and develops an individualized plan of care to assist in attaining maximum functioning potential in the least restrictive environment. As needs change, the plan of care changes to provide supportive support regardless of the circumstances. Care Managers are also a resource for family members and loved one by providing coaching, support and peace of mind. A Certified Professional Care Manager (Aging Life Care Expert®) is credentialed in case management, has obtained a degree in a health care related field and possesses extensive experience in care management.

Senior Care Management Solutions provides the following services from a Professional Care Manager:

  • Thorough initial assessment, which entails a physical (nursing) assessment, cognitive assessments, medication review and psychosocial evaluation; as well as other evaluations, as applicable, such as mistreatment or abuse, substance abuse, and financial and legal assessments.
  • Functional Assessment, which entails assessment of Activities of Daily Living, Falls risk assessment, assess client's ability to operate a vehicle, sensory loss assessment and a home safety evaluation.
  • Caregiver Assessment, which entails assessment of the needs of the client's caregiver, if applicable.
  • Nursing Assessment, as requested by client and their family.
  • Creation of an individualized care plan to address the specific needs of the elderly client, with referrals and services to be provided to address issues. For example:
    • Your mother has been having multiple falls recently, which has led to several visits to the Emergency Room. You are concerned with her falls and the medical staff offer little to address the issue. You live in a different state and do not have the ability to travel back and forth to Arizona each time your mother has an issue. You decide to hire a Geriatric Care Manager. The Geriatric Care Manager assists in the process of getting your mother home and begins assessments as outlined above. The Geriatric Care Manager realizes that your mother has been taking her medication inappropriately, which causes dizziness and subsequent falls. Your mother is taken to her Primary Care Physician who makes adjustments to medication. The Geriatric Care Manager Sets up an electronic medicine box for your mom that alerts her when it is time to take her medication. Your mother is doing well and is not falling. The Geriatric Care Manager monitors your mother's progress, implementing other services as needed such as Home Health, Outpatient Rehabilitation or Palliative Care. All of this is done with your involvement in the plan of care.

Customizable Care Packages

SCMS has customizable care packages that can save you time and money. Our care packages combine services to ensure your loved one will receive the best, comprehensive care while providing you the comfort of a flat monthly fee. No more guesswork, no more surprises, only solutions.