Embracing Dementia

Embracing Dementia: Real-Life Experiences of Providing Optimal Dementia Care

Has your loved one been diagnosed with dementia?

Do you suspect your loved one has dementia? A dementia diagnosis can be frightening and have you questioning your abilities to provide care. Embracing Dementia is a care guide to provide you with the tools to better understand dementia and the knowledge to know how to help.

Based on real-life stories, Embracing Dementia guides you through the disease process with proven methods.

This book will do the following:

  • Provide education about dementia using relatable descriptions

  • Teach the importance of a specific diagnosis and how to get one

  • Instruct on the best techniques to address dementia-related issues, such as behavioral disturbance, continued driving, and medical problems

  • Guide you through changes in the disease process and how to address the new challenges that come along with the decline from diagnosis to end of life

  • Inspire and recommend resources to help you along this journey

About the author:

Melissa Johnson completed a bachelor's degree in the science of nursing from Arizona State University in 2005 and has dedicated her nursing career to caring for the elderly. Melissa also obtained a master’s in health care administration from University of Phoenix in 2009. Melissa holds a certification in hospice and palliative nursing as she believes end-of-life care is just as important as obtaining a dementia diagnosis, managing the challenges dementia presents, and guiding loved ones through the process. Prior to establishing Senior Care Management Solutions, LLC with her husband, Ryan Johnson, Melissa obtained a certification in case management. Melissa has volunteered for the Alzheimer’s Association since 2011, providing community education about Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias. This book was written because Melissa believes it is important to use her knowledge to help others through their journey.